School of Democracy Excellence

For Grass-root Good Governance

Do you know that democracy in 21st Century faces two major problems?

The twofold problems of Democracy are… Selfishness and Powerlessness

Selfishness in the blatant takeover of democracy by crony capitalism! Unscrupulous Business houses fund political campaigns and in return have a free hand in creating policies to fill their coffers. Selfishness is exhibited by citizens by their gross apathy to common problems and feel it is the responsibility of the government to fix these issues. This is heights of selfishness! Of the system and citizen! Because of which the rich keep getting richer, poverty remains and haphazard development is seen everywhere in developing nations especially.

Powerlessness of party politics is manifested in the inability of the present system to facilitate genuine servant leaders to emerge for election. But instead these days the crafty money minded, two faced politicians are the ones mostly seen! Further, the people who elect leaders cannot reach the leaders once election is done! Nor can their voice be heard, if they have something to say!

This is heights of powerlessness! Of the system and citizens!

Well, do you know anyone, anywhere striving to solve these two fold problems of democracy? Doubtful! Is there any work that’s happening in the world to genuinely fix these twin problems? Not really.

Now, Yaseva a techno-cultural socio-spiritual entrepreneur based in Chennai – India, after years of research investigation and analysis has identified the ‘missing mechanism’ in the ‘Democracy Machine’ and developed the ‘Parliament of the Street’, which is a pragmatic and effective, ‘democracy enhancing, inclusiveness and dynamism infusing mechanism. Thus to offer the ‘Parliament of the Street’ program across India and to other democracy practicing nations, The School for Democracy Excellence is being founded at Koothavakkam on OMR 65 KM South of Chennai

The School of Democracy Excellence will help in developing local servant leadership and also for enabling people participation in great measure. It will prevent the ingress of corruption. Bring about improvement in basic environment cleanliness, hygiene and safety for women and children; ensuring that everyone is heard and that every person and ever thing matters. Women, ‘Sister Giants’ are especially being inspired to take leadership in their street and neighborhood.

Socio- Political Entrepreneur Certification Course: The political sector has been ignored by youth as a career option mainly because it usually requires the individual to join a political party. There is 'traditional stigma of low values associated with those in politics' ' for obvious reasons such as corruption, violence, bribery, caste-politics and more. The 'Parliament of the Street' is the centre-piece of this program and has not much scope for 'Party Politics'. Further the 'core power' involved in the formation of each 'Parliament of the Street' is unconditional-love manifested as 'concern for one another'; which brings peace and joy. Hate and violence undoubtedly lead to loss and is the prime reason (and for good reason too!) people with values have kept-away from politics. Through Parliament of the Street, the traditional ‘negative’ stigmas attached to working in the political sector is avoided; the focus is on nurturing sincere, honest and prudent individual leaders with love occupied hearts!.

This multi-disciplinary course from 'School of Democracy Excellence' is designed to inspire, empower, and enable youth to embark on a career of people politics, to fulfill the desire to bring about transformation and improvement in the quality of life of people in society, at crucial the governance level. 'Parliament of the Street', the flagship program of this course, is founded on 'sociocracy' with the potential of ushering people into participative grass-root good governance. After taking this course, youth can either as individuals or in groups, select and work on specific geographical locations where they feel they know they can 'make a difference' based on their interests, skills, and other inherent potential they have like local support. The course also equips these democracy excellence students with 'Nature Stewardship' Entrepreneurial inputs that essentially capacity builds them to become self-reliant socio-political entrepreneurs.