Nature Stewardship Entrepreneur School

To create widespread employment opportunities

Unemployment is a huge problem world over. And what would you think is the main reason for this rampant problem? Probably lack of employment opportunities! Yes! You are right! But why is there this constant ‘lack-of-opportunities’? Conventional economists will link this with insufficient growth, but that’s a fallacy! The main reason however is that presently the world relies on two major sectors for employment and that is the corporate business sector and the government; apart from the traditional agriculture and animal husbandry sector that has been their from time immemorial!

The Corporate Business Sector is the major employer of people. It is purely a, for profit system and they operate only where money is readily available. Their primary aim is profiteering and not improving the quality of life of people and environment; the large ones are now being asked to spend 2 % of their profit on Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. And in most cases, business establishments, especially in the dying, leather and other chemical intensive industries because of their unethical practices pollute land and water with their untreated poisonous effluents.

The government sector also employs huge numbers of people for discharging its administrative responsibilities and for managing the nation and people. In India, the government also operates many industrial establishments like coal mines, steel plants, etc. And in addition the government employs thousands of persons in the armed forces.

It is to be realized that both the above sectors, the corporate and government, have limitations in the number of people that can be engaged at a time and cannot provide employment for everyone.

When we move our focus to the multitude of problems facing humanity, we see many of them persisting for decades with no powerful solution at hand, for intervention. Neither the government agencies nor the corporate sector are able to come-up with feasible sustainable solutions.

Now, Yaseva a techno-cultural socio-spiritual entrepreneur based in Chennai – India, after years of research, investigation and analysis has come up with a strategic synergic solution, which is to bridge the problems of people and planet on one hand and the unemployment problem on the other hand. By linking these twin challenges of civilization, enormous employment opportunities get created; thus drastically reducing unemployment. For implementation of this ‘Nature Stewardship Entrepreneur School’ has been founded to equip the youth in this emerging challenging career of the future, which will be of great benefit to people and planet. Nature Stewardship Entrepreneur School is located at Koothavakkam on OMR 65 KM from Chennai .

The ‘Nature Stewardship Entrepreneur School’ offers a comprehensive People and Planet Emancipation and Development Social Entrepreneurial program to educate, empower, embolden and establish youth to become self-employed social entrepreneurs. They will focus on addressing the tremendous environmental and social-challenges, by introducing remedial intervention that converts the challenges into local sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities. Thereby, creating a ‘new streams of social entrepreneurial opportunities and employment’; they are ‘Joypreneurs with the special focus on projects that enhance the ‘Joy’ of People and Planet. This achieved through a people participative approach for holistic sustainable development.

Nature Stewardship Entrepreneur Certification Course, equips youth for a rewarding career in transformational social entrepreneurship (City Care Careers). This will be facilitated by the 'Nature Stewardship Entrepreneurship School'. 'Giving - Creating - Getting Joy' is a fundamental component of Nature Stewardship Entrepreneurship and thus they are also called 'Joypreneurs'! They function from diverse disciplines such as technology, culture contextualization, sociology, wellness and spirituality with a common thread of creating and spreading joy by professionally working for the common good of society. Thus 'Joypreneurs' are architects of hope; ushering love, establishing peace and creating joy in various sectors. Joypreneurs have a dual focus, the 'Mission' and the 'Sustainability' component, both of which is essential to ensure the initiative is economically sustainable and provides for the professional services invested by the co-creators of the social venture.