Economy of Joy School

For establishing Joy Indices for Cities

Joylessness has become rampant in the world! From the individual, to society and nations too; ‘joylessness ‘has sadly become a ‘way of life’. And why is it so? It is because of an endless desire for material wealth and pursuit of conspicuous consumerism has become the norm; fuelled by media advertising (brainwashing!) When self-indulgence is not satiated frustration arises; killing happiness and joy, instantaneously!! This in fact is the main reason for the rapid increase in non-communicable, behaviour related diseases around the world.

Why has civilization, in this age of grace, enlightenment and wisdom, systematically degraded human beings into ‘money making machines’ running after the so called ‘good things of life’. This can perhaps be traced to the post World War2 advent of ‘Gross National Product’, which only takes into consideration the products and services produced and offered, to evaluate economy. With the result an unsustainable system of economic growth has entrenched itself in politics, banking, academia, advertising, commercial media, and just about every facet of civilization.

Growth economics is driving climate change and overwhelms the atmospheric, marine, and terrestrial 'waste sinks' of the planet. It drives resource depletion, inequity and a host of injustices of all kinds in the name of 'the free market' and supposed prosperity for all. A new paradigm is urgently needed which give eminence to Joy; which needs the development of Joy Indices for societies and nations ,to measure up to and work towards.

Now, Yaseva a techno-cultural socio-spiritual entrepreneur based in Chennai – India, after years of research, investigation and analysis is working on developing Joy Indices for measuring Gross National Joy. It is known that Joy is the panacea for all ills of society since it begins with unconditional love and peace. For this purpose Economy of Joy School is being set-up at Koothavakkam on OMR, 65 KM from Chennai.

Economy of Joy School – offers ‘Joy Indices Evaluation Programs for the individual, street, city, state and nation levels. This is to help civic authorities and governments to marshal resources for changing the ‘joyless situations; which otherwise will remain for further generations. The quality of life of the people especially those who are disadvantaged and marginalized, or caught in joyless situations and predicaments, have no place in the existing growth focused balance sheet of Nations! Thus, Economy of Joy School brings pragmatic intervention for identifying and addressing joylessness in society on a widespread level through its ‘Joy Indices Services’ Program. This will also fill the need to complement the Smart Cities project happening around the world, with ‘Joy City’ aspects, such as citizen safety, cleanliness, hygiene, well-being, environmental care etc.

Smart - Joy City Entrepreneur Certification Course: Cities are the engines of our civilization's development and the Government of India has identified 100 cities across the nation for development into 'Smart- Cities'. However, the paradox is that almost all cites in India have many 'Joyless' aspects, such as citizen safety, gender violence. suicide, cleanliness and hygiene, inhuman slum-dwelling conditions, unhygienic-sanitation, begging, rag-picking, pollution of water, land and air and so on. Presently there is not much thought given to all these to bring about rapid change. Further, there is a glaring dearth of skilled persons equipped to bring about the expected transformation.

'Smart - Joy City Entrepreneur Certification Course' will educate and equip the youth to pragmatically and with a social entrepreneurial, people participative approach, emancipate 'people and environment' in the city, caught in 'Joylessness'. The ‘Clean Green Mission’ and ‘Citizen Safe Mission’ are typical examples of pragmatic intervention initiatives that are in the curriculum. The course will capacity build youth to work for the creation of meaningful 'smart- joy' cities and is a boon for the nation building efforts of the Prime Minister. Therefore the services of these youth will be sought after by smart-city service agencies across the nation.

This multidisciplinary course from the Economy of Joy School’ will also work on 'City Joy Indices', which is to help governments promoting smart-cities to know where to marshal resources, in order to transform joyless aspects of the city. The first step for this will be to do a 'Joy Indices' survey for the designated Smart Cities. This will enable governmental agencies to identify the 'joylessness' prevalent in society and focus their programs effectively. Joy Indices program is done in association with the Psychology / social-work / NSS departments of local colleges and thus connects with the academia.

These 3 Contemporary Career Diploma Courses will enable youth to look at ‘Nation Building from Streets’; taking the streets around them as a source of opportunity for work, to transform and develop them. Work on transforming cities is taken on streetwise basis, in order to break-down the humongous work on hand! A city is made up of streets, thus the focus is on creating 'Smart-Joy Streets' in every division of the city is the uniqueness of this ‘Bottom-up Strategy; thereby ensuring the emerging of 'Smart-Joy Cities’ slowly but surely. Chennai City has 200 wards each with at least 50 prominent streets; totalling to a 10,000 streets ‘potential market’! Like this there are 100 cities, big, small and medium in size identified for becoming ‘Smart Cities’ by the government of India’; the scope for work and need for the required skilled human resources to achieve this can be imagined!