About Yaseva

Founder People Planet Institute

Yaseva is a Techno-Socio-Spiritual Entrepreneur working in the fields of Environment stewardship, Holistic Health, Peace Building, Culture & Heritage and Good-Governance. Specialized in developing innovative and synergistic, people - participative intervention programs and projects, that focus on achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals

Yaseva specializes in focusing on unconditional-love to usher lasting peace and progress, utilizing the medium of culture, technology and social enterprise to developed sustainable paradigms that benefit people and planet. An engineer by qualification with over 30 years experience as designer and manufacturer of a range of prefabricated architectural products. For the past five years he has devoted his skills to develop selfless-love inspired people-centric projects that benefit humanity in these times.

Yaseva is a Song writer composer and producer of 'Transfo-tainment Music' (Transformation through entertainment) to bring about change in society on critical issues. A number of thematic cultural productions from 1985 till now; which includes productions such as 'The Time is Yours' , 'Bio', 'Star-Trek', 'Worship Alive', 'The Road to Zion', 'Voyage in the Age of Love', 'Secret of Success', Climate Change Satyagraha. He also objectively encourages the talents and skills of young and promising local musicians and singers of Chennai and promotes five music groups both in English and Tamil featuring a wide spectrum of Transfo-tainment (Transformation plus Entertainment) music set to contemporary music.

Founder Director - Propel Global an NGO based at Chennai involved in a spectrum of sectors that impact people and planet. Propel Global is unique in its approach having a 'Global perspective' coupled with pragmatic 'Local Action'.

Founder of Unified Progressives which is a socio-spiritual institution based on Indian Spiritual foundation of 'Ahimsa and Anbu' (non-violence and unconditional love) and promotes the integration of Gnyanam or wisdom, Bakthi or worship and Karma or work; in order to bring about fullness in life in the lives of individuals who in turn strive to bring about transformation in society.

Co founder of Chennai Transformation Network, which is an apex body of individuals and institution involved in improving the quality of life of the marginalized people of Chennai

Founder director of Peace Architecture Academy based at Chennai, which is involved in promoting social entrepreneurship programs in the areas of peace and development and in creating peoples movements that foster peace that is so essential for progress. The motto is to globally promote the spirit of Love > Peace Progress vis-a-vis Hate > Conflict > Loss through cultural programs combined with pragmatic grass-root initiatives. Founder of Chennai Peace Festival - the first event was held at Taj Coromandel, Chennai; in association with S Consul General on 1st October 09 to commemorate Gandhi Jayanthi.

Founder Director of People Planet Institute offering Education Equipping and Empowering in the fields of Creation Stewardship covering any of the specializations such as 'Holistic Health Management',' Climate Change Management, Peace Architecture Management, Social Business Management, Participative Progress Management; with accredited practitioner certification programs. Developing and deploying innovation to address UN SDG and other chronic issues that are anathema to joy and peace; networking collaborating and associating for the greater common good are Yaseva’s forte.

Yaseva lives at Koothavakkam (near Chennai) in South India, near the ancient temple town of Mahabalipuram.

- Yaseva